TRAILOFF – Stories off the beaten path

What’s TrailOff?

TrailOff puts YOU at the center of the story through a cutting-edge app that syncs audio to your phone’s GPS as you walk. Located on 10 nature trails across the region, all of the interactive audio dramas are 100% free.

Just download the FREE TrailOff app, grab your headphones and head to the trail.

Explore The Land Remembers

In the late 1950’s as part of Urban Renewal, Philadelphia displaced over 8,000 residents from Eastwick aka The Meadows. The area was one of Philly’s only harmoniously integrated neighborhoods at a time when many racist housing policies were legal. In The Land Remembers, Nick (aka Nickel, aka Abe aka Abraham) reminisces about his last days living there.

Written by: Jacob Winterstein

Heinz National Wildlife Refuge

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum is located in Philadelphia’s historic Eastwick neighborhood. Created to protect the unique ecology thanks to the determination of local residents, the Refuge has a dedicated staff and longtime volunteer corps who work to make it a community hub to learn and enjoy nature. Birding, fishing and the free programs draw locals to John Heinz year-round.

Ready to try it out yourself?

Just scan the QR code or search TRAILOFF on the iPhone App or Google Play stores.

TrailOff was created by Swim Pony in partnership with the Pennsylvania Environmental Council for ten trails on The Circuit Trails, a network of walking trails throughout the eastern PA and central NJ region. 

To learn more about TrailOff, visit

TrailOff’s wonderful stories give honor and respect to the land their journey rests upon. “Lenapehoking” is the traditional territory of the Lenni-Lenape; the first peoples of this region. The Lenni-Lenape have thrived, shaped this land, and curated its beauty since time immemorial and continue at it to this very day! Before setting off make sure to take a moment of reflection for, esteemed regard of, and humble reliance to the original, present and future caretakers of this space.

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