Stories off the beaten path

Dive into captivating stories as you walk nature trails, synced to you in real time!

TrailOff features interactive audio dramas, free to download through a cutting edge app, that unfold on nature trails. Each original story is written by a compelling author who brings a new and diverse perspective to getting outdoors.

TrailOff puts YOU in the center of the drama! Step into character and run from monsters, uncover mysteries or adventure into secrets from the past. TrailOff uses your phone’s GPS to sync to your movements as you walk each trail.

Check out samples of our stories!

The Way Sand Wants for Water written by afaq
Where the Light Won’t Go by ari
River Devil II: The Return by Carmen Maria Machado
Deeply Routed by Denise Valentine

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How does it work?

Explore the app’s interface to find out about story content, artists involved, and trail sites. Download the audio files and head to the trail with your headphones! Once there, just hit BEGIN… 

To learn more about TrailOff’s features, download on Android or iOS or visit our full website to read about our current stories.

Who made it?

Immersive theater maker and game designer Adrienne Mackey dreamed of bringing technology, storytelling and nature together in a single place. Her company, Swim Pony, partnered with the PA Environmental Council to bring interactive stories to the region’s trail systems with the help of app developer ECHOES, an incredible team of writers and sound designer/composer Michael Kiley.

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